Django SPA Workshop

Task 1 - Session detail page


We want to have a separate web page on which user can see detail of the session: it's name, start time and list of talks.

In addition, we want to show loader indicator when UI waits for the API response.



  • Each item at session list page template has proper link to the detail page. It should point the browser to something like /#/session/102.
  • Add an entry at route configuration connecting session detail link with a controller and template. Hint: route configuration can be found at app.js file.
  • At SessionDetailCtrl fetch Session object from the API and store it at the controller's scope. Hint: we can use $routeParams to access current's route parameters, like session's ID number.
  • Extend session detail template - use real data instead of the placeholders. In addition, hide talk list and show a warning message when there are no talks for this session yet. Moreover, we want to show loader indicator when user waits for the server response.


  • Add an entry at route configuration ( for session detail endpoint.
  • Add session detail view - code responsible for returning a response for that endpoint.
  • Create needed serializers which would build JSON data for the Session fetched from the database. Hint: we would need a talk list for the session and for each talk we also want it's author first/last names.